[pups] Interesting PDP/Xenix History

Fred N. van Kempen Fred.van.Kempen at microwalt.nl
Wed Apr 3 19:14:32 AEST 2002


> Bleh, sorry for the blank post... notes went schitzo.... 

> If MS can release WinCE source, then they would probably do
> the same for XENIX.... both PDP/11 and the x86 version perhaps... 
> Its not like we want the source... just a tape image would do me :) 
> Perhaps there is someone in MS who knows of XENIX's existance and
> can help....  I'll have a word with a friend of mine who works
> there :) 
Yeah, I agree.  I personally think MS would release Xenix, as it no
longer has any commercial value whatsoever to them.  The hardest part
might be finding people within who know about it, and who can point
us in the right (legalese) direction.  Once MS signs off on it, the
people at SC(O)aldera won't have a problem with releasing the tapes.


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