[pups] Interesting PDP/Xenix History

quapla at xs4all.nl quapla at xs4all.nl
Wed Apr 3 19:45:05 AEST 2002

Ummmm, they can't. Windows XP most likely uses pieces of Xenix to get
it stable. And you know that they will not release sources of the 
windoze O.S-es :=)


> Paul,
>> Bleh, sorry for the blank post... notes went schitzo.... 
> *smile*
>> If MS can release WinCE source, then they would probably do
>> the same for XENIX.... both PDP/11 and the x86 version perhaps...  Its
>> not like we want the source... just a tape image would do me :) 
>> Perhaps there is someone in MS who knows of XENIX's existance and can
>> help....  I'll have a word with a friend of mine who works
>> there :) 
> Yeah, I agree.  I personally think MS would release Xenix, as it no
> longer has any commercial value whatsoever to them.  The hardest part
> might be finding people within who know about it, and who can point us
> in the right (legalese) direction.  Once MS signs off on it, the people
> at SC(O)aldera won't have a problem with releasing the tapes.
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