[pups] UNIX/RT

Lars Buitinck lars at fwn.rug.nl
Thu Apr 4 08:12:23 AEST 2002

I think I've found the influence of UNIX/RT on the world at large, and
the Open Sores^V^V^V^Vource community in particular.
from OpenBSD 3.0 /etc/magic:

0       leshort         0401            PDP-11 UNIX/RT ldp

(can anyone tell me what ldp means?)


Thus spake quapla at xs4all.nl:
> Ummmm, they can't. Windows XP most likely uses pieces of Xenix to get
> it stable. And you know that they will not release sources of the 
> windoze O.S-es :=)

are we talking about the same OS?

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