[pups] It all works!!

Fred N. van Kempen Fred.van.Kempen at microwalt.nl
Fri Aug 23 20:15:30 AEST 2002

I suggest you now find a multi-port beer card, insert that into
a free slot, add /dev/beer to the kernel, and abuse it lots... :)

(rumor is, that 2.9bsd has much more space available for /dev/beer
buffers, though, so if 2.11 doesn't allow enough of it, just take
the plunge and downgrade to 2.9... ;-)


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> Needed to tell someone, so I thought I would tell all of you!
> My PDP11/73 now has BSD2.11 installed and working.  I added a 
> DEQNA card,
> rebuilt the kernel and now ping, telnet, ftp et al is working.
> The joy of telneting into my '11 from a Windoze machine is 
> beyond words!
> Many thanks to Warren, Fred and Joe for all the help and advice.
> Regards
> Kevin
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