[pups] It all works!!

Robin Birch robinb at ruffnready.co.uk
Tue Aug 27 21:12:16 AEST 2002

Well done Kevin,
I've never tried the route that you have gone down, always having had 
the luxury of distributions on tapes and a working tape drive.


In message <IJECIIPFALOPEJDGENLAGEFJDDAA.kevin at ps8.co.uk>, Kevin Murrell 
<kevin at ps8.co.uk> writes
>Needed to tell someone, so I thought I would tell all of you!
>My PDP11/73 now has BSD2.11 installed and working.  I added a DEQNA card,
>rebuilt the kernel and now ping, telnet, ftp et al is working.
>The joy of telneting into my '11 from a Windoze machine is beyond words!
>Many thanks to Warren, Fred and Joe for all the help and advice.
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