[TUHS] Re: pcc ports

Al Kossow aek at spies.com
Sun Aug 11 09:54:16 AEST 2002

> I see there no version for the Z8000 but for the 16032. Was there 
> really a Z8000 version? 


"Fortunately for Ward, by 1980 the community of computer researchers had grown from a few labs to a few dozen---and for the most part, the research community was moving in one particular direction: UNIX, the castrated Multics operating system that had been spawned from Bell Labs. UNIX was loved because it was small and portable, which meant that it would be easy for Ward to get the operating system running on the NuMachine. The group got the UNIX source code from Bell Labs and ported the operating system to three different microprocessors: the Zilog Z8000, the Intel 8086, and the Motorola 68000. Although it would not be clear for several years, by building a single-user computer with a bitmapped display, a network interface, and a powerful microprocessor, Ward's group had just created one of the world's first UNIX workstations.

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