[TUHS] Re: pcc ports

Christian Groessler cpg at aladdin.de
Sun Aug 11 10:37:42 AEST 2002

On 08/10/2002 04:54:16 PM MST Al Kossow wrote:
>> I see there no version for the Z8000 but for the 16032. Was there
>> really a Z8000 version?
>"Fortunately for Ward, by 1980 the community of computer researchers
>had grown from a few labs to a few dozen---and for the most part, the  
>research community was moving in one particular direction: UNIX, the
>castrated Multics operating system that had been spawned from Bell
>Labs. UNIX was loved because it was small and portable, which meant
>that it would be easy for Ward to get the operating system running on
>the NuMachine. The group got the UNIX source code from Bell Labs and
>ported the operating system to three different microprocessors: the
>Zilog Z8000, the Intel 8086, and the Motorola 68000. Although it
>would not be clear for several years, by building a single-user
>computer with a bitmapped display, a network interface, and a
>powerful microprocessor, Ward's group had just created one of the
>world's first UNIX workstations.

Hmm, but where is it? :-)


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