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	I just received this e-mail. I have no idea who Wendy is, but
perhaps the things she has stashed away may be of some interest to you.

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In my quest to get the house clean so I can get out, I
decided to inventory the computer stuff.  It's like
inventory by the technologically blind!  I got just so
far before I got frustrated and gave up.  

Pat and Rob took the sillyscope (with the intention of
selling it, I believe) and the RT, I think it was
called (to keep for my ex-).  

Dworkin took the PDP-11/73.  I asked him for $84
because that's what I need to keep Xcel from shutting
off my electricity, but he chose to give me a check
for $500, which I have not cashed and won't until he's
had the stuff long enough to ascertain that it works
and tell me so, or for two weeks, whichever comes

That leaves:
(Note: sizes are eyeballed by someone with a lousy
     various cables, keyboards, mouses, plugs,
cabinets, broken TVs, VCRs, and a Laser disk player,
and miscellaneous hardware
     a box about 1'x1.5'x2' with a 3.5" and a 5.25"
drive, and seven flat buttons with colored lights and
symbols, like turtles, rabbits, and lightning bolts.
     an Alpha Micro 1000E
     Raster Tech monitor
     D-SCAN, an 8"x8"x1" board with 17 female cable
plugs in three rows labeled "In" "Out" and "CH", six
columns labeled "R G B H V C"
     a 3'x3'x2' dec RXO2 and RLO2
     exposure timer & power supply unit
     Sharp electric typewriter, and another electric
typewriter up too high for me to read anything off it.
     a couple of Apple II+s  (Dad wants to keep one as
he has some information on a 5.25" floppy formatted
for that computer)
     SCM152 dry copier
     microfiche reader ?
     Kennedy model 9300 tape drive
     AlphaWrite documentation, and several 3-ring
binders of documentation I just didn't feel like
thumbing through for particulars right now (but can
later, if you like)
     and the infamous 78 2'x2' floor tiles.  (Dworkin
said he's seen them advertised for $9 apiece, new. 
They're not quite in new condition, but that gives a
ballpark for what they ought to be worth)

I didn't check IN THE LOFT, because it's too high for
me to reach or see.

     an Amdex 300A video monitor
     NEC multisync 2A monitor
     Raster Tech monitor
     ADDS (?) monitor
     and at least one other monitor with no words I
could identify
     An okidata printer
     an ALPS ALQ200 printer
     an IBM selectric II typewriter
     a Minolta fax 261
     and a "stack" -- y'know, a computer, with two
3.5" and one 5.25" floppy drives and buttons that said
"turbo" and "reset", but no brand name I could make

IN THE CAVE: there remains
     a Scientific Atlanta receiver
     IBM monitor
     IBM 3.5" floppy drive
     HP LaserJet printer
     Smith-Corona electric typewriter
     Data south DS 150 printer
     Microscience International Corporation thing that
says it has 7 heads and 855 cylinders, but won't tell
me what it uses them for
     digital h3350; I don't know what it is, but it's
the size of a deck of cards
     a couple of EMLock security door thingies
    various boards (green things with solder and
little batteries and stuff on them)
     a couple of Alpha Micro video cassettes

That's what I had the energy to see.  Can you
enlighten me as to what these things are and what
ought to be done with them?  I can't even get at the
other stuff in the furnace room/garage until some of
it gets moved.

~ Wendy the technologically incorrigible
----- End of forwarded message from Wendy Murphy -----

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