[TUHS] Re: non-broken 4.3BSD set?

Robertdkeys at aol.com Robertdkeys at aol.com
Fri Dec 13 09:36:24 AEST 2002

Great!  Keep me in mind for any testing if you
need it.  I have 4 Qbus VAXentoyz that mostly
just sit and play, when the HD's stay up. Of
late ESDI drives have been giving me fits, but
maybe I can scrounge up a few more in the local
MooU surplus feeding frenzy diving pits.  Maybe,
someday, some scsi mscp cards might float up
from the depths!   (dream on.....(:+}}...)

I still am curious as to how many on the lists
are actually running such critters, currently,
on Quasijarus or on Ultrix.  I mostly play with
mine, doing some roffing and TeXing, and porting
a few minor tidbits.

Did you arrive at any reasonable way to do the
initial disklabels and boot blocks so one can
install Quasijarus directly?  The only clean way
I can do it is to use two other OS installs that
put enough bits there that Quasijarus is happy.
There ought to be an easier way.

Anyway, keep me posted as to when Quasijarus 0b
might become reality.


Bob Keys

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