[TUHS] Re: non-broken 4.3BSD set?

Michael Sokolov msokolov at ivan.Harhan.ORG
Fri Dec 13 15:36:30 AEST 2002

Robertdkeys at aol.com wrote:

> Great!  Keep me in mind for any testing if you
> need it.

I currently don't need any testing that I can't do myself, but thanks anyway.

> I still am curious as to how many on the lists
> are actually running such critters, currently,
> on Quasijarus or on Ultrix.

Well, Harhan is still up as you can see, despite the incessant bills... Pretty
much all my work on Quasijarus since 4.3-QJ0a has been on operational issues,
i.e., issues that don't matter much for hobbyists but become important when you
use it operationally for your mission-critical computing. All my VAXen are
running current unreleased code. The Internet feed is WorldCom/UUNET with a
Quasijarus-based router. I wrote all the code for the latter, which will
hopefully appear in 4.3-QJ1.

I also have an MV3100 running Ultrix whose sole purpose is to interface an
Exabyte 8 mm SCSI tape drive to my cluster. Doing backups on TK50s is
prohibitively expensive. Some day I hope to find time to port 4.3-Quasijarus to

> Did you arrive at any reasonable way to do the
> initial disklabels and boot blocks so one can
> install Quasijarus directly?

That was and still is planned for 4.3-QJ1. 4.3-QJ0a and 4.3-QJ0b "officially"
support bootstrap only on DEC RA disks. Two of my running MicroVAXen are
equipped with the latter (RA72s). I also run one with ESDI disks, as I have
equipped many MicroVAXen in the past. I bootstrap the latter via Ultrix (see my
other reply).


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