[pups] Duh - how do you format an RX50?

Eric Smith eric at brouhaha.com
Sun Feb 10 09:27:35 AEST 2002

> Um, bzzzzt.  Wrong.  I have a floppy labeled:  BL-FN7AP-MC CZFNAP0 M-11
>  FORMTR RX50  .  This is a formatter program for a Micro PDP-11.
> It is a *diagnostic* program (not a user program) for formatting these
> beasties.  Mine is for the -11, I would imagine that there is one for
> the  MicroVAX as well.

The "RX50" at the end of the title may just mean that the floppy is in
RX50 format, not that the diagnostics contained therein can format RX50s.
I'd almost be willing to bet money on that, since the Micro PDP-11
originally used the RQDX1 to control the RX50, and a disassembly of
the RQDX1 firmware shows no evidence of floppy formatting code.

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