[pups] Duh - how do you format an RX50?

Jay Jaeger cube1 at charter.net
Mon Feb 11 09:23:59 AEST 2002

Rats.  So it would seem.  Forgot about that angle.  Useful program -- just 
not for floppies.

Oh well.

(Hmm. I wonder how "bzzzzt"s taste when you have to eat them with your 
hat?)  I suspect that they kind of tingle, eh?


At 03:27 PM 2/9/2002 -0800, Eric Smith wrote:
> > Um, bzzzzt.  Wrong.  I have a floppy labeled:  BL-FN7AP-MC CZFNAP0 M-11
> >  FORMTR RX50  .  This is a formatter program for a Micro PDP-11.
> >
> > It is a *diagnostic* program (not a user program) for formatting these
> > beasties.  Mine is for the -11, I would imagine that there is one for
> > the  MicroVAX as well.
>The "RX50" at the end of the title may just mean that the floppy is in
>RX50 format, not that the diagnostics contained therein can format RX50s.
>I'd almost be willing to bet money on that, since the Micro PDP-11
>originally used the RQDX1 to control the RX50, and a disassembly of
>the RQDX1 firmware shows no evidence of floppy formatting code.

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