[pups] PDP11-23

Pieter Visser p.visser at tip.nl
Sat Feb 16 22:30:01 AEST 2002


I ám still have a working Dec pdp11-23. It runs on CTS-300 with 10 Mb Harddisk and a Tape drive for back-ups
I think the programm is writen in dibol.

I f you want more information about this system please reply by email

If anyone can help me with the following questions.

Can i connect an windows/dos sytem to the pdp11-23 and run the program.
Is it possible to copy the program and run it on a Windows/Dos based machine.

Hope to hear from sombody,

Pieter Visser
The Netherlands
e-mail p.visser at tip.nl
handy    +31-(0)6-53630275
phone    +31-(0)165-313597
work      +31-(0)76-5022800
fax         +31-(0)76-5022090  
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