[pups] PDP11-23

Johnny Billquist bqt at update.uu.se
Sun Feb 17 00:09:01 AEST 2002

Hi, Pieter.

> If anyone can help me with the following questions.

We can always try.

> Can i connect an windows/dos sytem to the pdp11-23 and run the program.

Yes. Use any terminal emulator on the PC, and use it the same way as you
are using some other terminal right now.

> Is it possible to copy the program and run it on a Windows/Dos based machine.

Not as such. However, there do exist PDP-11 emulators for the PC, which
means you could copy the whole operating system, and everything else
associated (I hope you don't have any special hardware though) it should
be runnable. Look a e11 (http://www.dbit.com) for such a system.
Another option is a PDP-11 system on a card that you put into your PC,
made by Strobe Data (http://www.strobe.com).


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