[pups] missing space in 2.11_rp_unknown

Steven M. Schultz sms at 2BSD.COM
Tue Feb 26 03:16:31 AEST 2002

Hi -

> >	I see Greg mentioned running fsck.   That sounds like an excellent
> >	suggestion.
> Yes, but it didn't help :-(

> What can this be?

	It might be necessary to use the '-s' option .   "fsck -s" will
	unconditionally rebuild the freelist.

> I tried something else, I copied the contents of the root fs
> elsewhere, newfs'd the root partition and copied the contents back.

	Did you use dump+restor?

> But now booting stops when it normally starts init,
	Oh no!

> -------------
> : unix
> Boot: bootdev=05010 bootcsr=0176700
> 2.11 BSD UNIX #1: Fri Feb 15 18:47:18 PST 2002
>     chris at pdp11:/usr/src/sys/PDP11CPG
> attaching qe0 csr 174440
> qe0: DEC DEQNA addr 08:00:2b:07:82:6c
> attaching lo0
> phys mem  = 2097152
> avail mem = 1647872
> user mem  = 307200
> -------------
> ... and here it hangs. Do I have to consider something else when I
> newfs the root partition?

	The boot block, /boot, /unix, /netnix and /etc/init, /bin/sh are 
	intact since the system got as far as printing the memory numbers.

	After the memory stats the '/etc/autoconfig' process should be
	run ('init' runs it) and the device probes should take place.

	The only thing I can think of (and it's a wild guess) is that the
	"clock" isn't running - thru the boot process clock interrupts 
	aren't used but when 'init' goes to run 'autoconfig' the system nees
	clock interrupts in order to drive the context switching.   Either
	the clock isn't running or /etc/autoconfig got corrupted somehow
	in the copying.

	Steven Schultz
	sms at 2bsd.com

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