[pups] lcc (was: GCC)

emanuel stiebler emu at ecubics.com
Mon Jan 21 02:07:44 AEST 2002

Bill Gunshannon wrote:
> And one other note.  I had the department secretary request a copy of
> the book for me back before Christmas.  They said it would ship around
> 2 January.  When it hadn't shown up by the middle of the month I asked
> her to check with our book rep again.  This time they told her it was
> out of print and there was no idea when or even if it would be printed
> again.  :-(

Strange ...

Most of the bookstores seem to have it in stock. Just click on the link
with the "bestbookbuys" 

And on a different note, the book is very good in explaining how it
work. But it is describing the version 3.6 of the compiler, so you have
to go through all the sources of 4.1 anyway, because of all changes . 
And you don't touch the book anymore ;-)

cheers & have fun

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