[pups] 2.11BSD disklabel-programm

Jochen Kunz jkunz at unixag-kl.fh-kl.de
Mon Jan 21 03:45:41 AEST 2002

On 2002.01.20 15:57 Pete Turnbull wrote:

> Lothar later said this is an H9276-A.  That's a straight backplane,
> all Q22/CD.  It seems he has a BA11-S not a BA23 :-)
Aha. OK. That is a different story. 

> BTW, DEC normally recommended all comms and network cards go after the
> memory, tapes next, then disks.
I usualy put comms after the CPU, then network, tape (or tape, network,
what fits best for the wiring) and disks last. 

> It's the order of the boards (and the boot ROMs) that make it 11/73 or
> 11/83, not the circuit board.  Though original 11/73s are 15MHz and
> original 11/83s are 18MHz.
> That's a dual-height board, CPU only, with no boot ROMs, LTC, or SLUs.
> It was only sold as an OEM product or as an upgrade to 11/03 or 11/23
Ahhhhh! My PDP 11 has this M8192 board with FPU but without ROMs...
I thought that this is the "original" 11/73 CPU. But on this PDP is
nothing "original". The BA23 was a MV II, the CPU was EPayed, the RAM
board was given to me by a friend. (Many PC/XTs had to donate there RAM
chips to fill it.) I found the console SLU at the scrap yard, the Dilog
ESDI controller was EPayd (in England BTW ;-) ) ... and I am still
looking for a ROM card... But I will get a /83 CPU card with ROMs in a
few months...

> > All my front panels have only one disk write protect / online
> switch.
> The BA23 was only rated for one hard disk and either a TK50 or an
I know. I once saw a MV II with a second RD54 in an external case. There
was a real mess of wiring to get it and the internal RD54 work together
on one RQDX3. Puting the TK50 out of the BA23 and mounting the second
RD54 in the BA23 would have been much simpler. But not the DEC way of
live. ;-)

> the BA123 (which uses the same panels) was rated for up to 4 MSCP
> devices.
>  That's why the WP and ONLINE switches and LEDs are on a subassembly,
> so you can add another one.
I know. My MV III lives in a BA123. (With 4 ESDI disks, TK50 and


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