[pups] 2.11BSD disklabel-programm

Pete Turnbull pete at dunnington.u-net.com
Mon Jan 21 04:31:24 AEST 2002

On Jan 20, 18:45, Jochen Kunz wrote:
> Ahhhhh! My PDP 11 has this M8192 board with FPU but without ROMs...
> I thought that this is the "original" 11/73 CPU. But on this PDP is
> nothing "original". The BA23 was a MV II, the CPU was EPayed, the RAM
> board was given to me by a friend. (Many PC/XTs had to donate there RAM
> chips to fill it.)

About the best use I can think of for a PC/XT :-)

> I found the console SLU at the scrap yard, the Dilog
> ESDI controller was EPayd (in England BTW ;-) ) ... and I am still
> looking for a ROM card...

If you can find an MRV11-D (to put MXV11-B ROMs into) or an MVX11-B, that
would be the best option (and the only ones DEC supported).  However, it
should be possible to put the code from MXV11-B ROMs into several 24-pin
2Kx8 EPROMs (2716 or equivalent), and put the EPROMs into a BDV11.
 However, you'd want to modify the BDV11 for 22-bit operation (that's ECO

> > The BA23 was only rated for one hard disk and either a TK50 or an
> RX50,
> I know. I once saw a MV II with a second RD54 in an external case. There
> was a real mess of wiring to get it and the internal RD54 work together
> on one RQDX3. Puting the TK50 out of the BA23 and mounting the second
> RD54 in the BA23 would have been much simpler. But not the DEC way of
> live. ;-)

Because old hard drives take a lot of current.  The PSU and wiring loom
won't take a full backplane and two hard drives.

I did one of mine a different way.  I have a BA11-N with the backplane
modified to be 22-bit.  In it is an RQDX2 (or an RQDX3, depending on what's
been shuffled around this month), with a 50-way ribbon cable going to a DEC
box (used to be a TKZ50) which has a PSU, a hard drive, and an RX50.  In
the box is also a small PCB I made to do the job of the distribution board
found in a BA123.  Also in the BA11-N backplane is a modified BDV11, with a
pair of 28-pin EPROM sockets which normally hold microPDP-11/23 boot ROMs.

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