[pups] Re: Caldera license

Michael Davidson MichaelDavidson at pacbell.net
Fri Jan 25 01:43:37 AEST 2002

Bill Gunshannon wrote:

>  being as you have already answered my question regarding how this
>effects BSD 4.x, that leaves only one question.  Does this require
>that the Caldera Copyright notice be inserted into all the source
>files before they can be released anywhere??  For example, if I put
>up a site for the continued develpment of Ultrix-11 do all the files
>need to contain the Caldera Copyright before I can allow people to
>work with them??  Mind, I don't mean the whole text of the message,
>I merely mean the line Copyright Caldera 2001, 2002.......
While I am not a lawyer, and don't speak officially for Caldera on this, 
I know that the
intent of this was not to require the addition or changing of any 
copyright notices in the
files themselves. Strictly speaking, the actual copyright ownership 
hasn't really changed.
The copyright was owned by Caldera and it still is.

The actual copyright notices which may appear in various parts of the 
source code are
historic and haven't reflected the current ownership of the code for 
years - nor do they
need to. (I believe that from a strict legal standpoint the actual 
copyright notice in the
code is essentially irrelevant)

What has changed is the license under which it may be used.

I believe that it is sufficient to provide a single copy of the license 
/ copyright text from
the letter along with any file or files that  either come directly from 
or are derived from
any of the listed operating systems.

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