[pups] Problems booting PDP11/40 using vtserver

Michael Werner michi at michiw.org
Mon Jan 28 04:03:24 AEST 2002

Hi there,

I have my PDP11/40 connected to a MicroVAX 2 (running NetBSD/vax
1.5.2) via serial line and want to boot a 2.9BSD or 2.11BSD using the
vtserver software.
When I toggle in vtserver's boot code, the first file is being loaded
correctly by the PDP. Then, following the instructions in vtserver
documentation, the serial line should be used as a serial console - and
some text should appear! And this is the problem: I don't get any output.

When manually sending characters from the PDP, there is no problem.
I've set the serial line characteristics to:
Speed 2400, Character Size 8, Modem Control enabled, and RTS/CTS flow
control disabled. (I've changed these characteristics in many ways with
stty, but still no success...)
Using a break-out-box, I switched RTS/CTS and DTR/CTS flow control on and
off, forced the CTS line to be on, etc., but it still didn't work.
After successfully loading the bootloader via vtserver, the PDP's CPU goes
into an endless loop.

So, my question: Does anybody know what's going wrong here?

Thanks in advance - Michi

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