[pups] solution for the disklabel

Pete Turnbull pete at dunnington.u-net.com
Wed Jan 30 13:13:15 AEST 2002

On Jan 27, 23:42, lothar felten wrote:

> installation was no problem, but still i
> have some questions:
> my VT102 doesn´t do backspace, i only
> get ^H. i tried the
> terminal in ANSI and VT52 mode, no
> difference.

Maybe it wants a DEL character instead of backspace (backspace *is* ctrl-H,
shown as ^H or ^h).  Change it on the terminal by going into setup, or use
stty on the BSD system to change the delete character (stty del '^h').

> i have some dec boards labeled M7513
> does anyone know what this
> is? i found:
> M7513    - RQD   - RQDXE Q BUS drive
> interface extension module

That's exactly what it is.  The BA23 box only supports one hard drive; the
RQDXE is an adaptor for an RXDX2 or RXDX3 to permit use of additional
drives with a distribution board in a second enclosure.  One of the 50-pin
connectors goes to the RQDX3, one to the distribution board in the BA23,
and the third to a connector kit on the rear panel of the BA23.  There's a
different version for an RQDX1, called an RQDX1E.

> the RQDX3 has another connector, i
> suppose for RX50 floppydrive.

An RQDX3 has only one connector, the 50-pin one to go to the distribution
board.  Are you looking at the right thing?  Are you looking at a
distribution board?  That does have a 34-way connector for a floppy.

> can i hook up a 5,25" pc drive? maybe
> with modifications?

Not an ordinary PC floppy, no.  A TEAC FD55GFR is an 80-track double-sided
drive (not HD, though) that will work as an RX33.  Some other 80-track
5.25" drives may work, if you set the jumpers.

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