[pups] solution for the disklabel

lothar felten lothar.felten at gmx.net
Mon Jan 28 08:42:44 AEST 2002

the pdp is running 2.11BSD !

the disk has now got a valid disklabel,
i got it on the disk by
setting all diskparameters without using
d (display) and wrote
it. after this i could use the display

installation was no problem, but still i
have some questions:
my VT102 doesn´t do backspace, i only
get ^H. i tried the
terminal in ANSI and VT52 mode, no

i have some dec boards labeled M7513
does anyone know what this
is? i found:
M7513    - RQD   - RQDXE Q BUS drive
interface extension module
it is a double height card and it has 3
50pin connectors.

the RQDX3 has another connector, i
suppose for RX50 floppydrive.
can i hook up a 5,25" pc drive? maybe
with modifications?


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