[TUHS] Porting Unix v6 to i386

Jonathan Naylor jonathan.naylor at ggaweb.ch
Tue Jan 29 07:03:45 AEST 2002

Hi Sven

I can't help feel that you've missed the point of wanting to port UNIX 
edition 6 or 7 to the PC. Its a challenge, nothing more, nothing less. I have 
run both editions on Bob Supniks excellent emulator (now with PDP-10 support 
BTW) and they're great, but it'd be ultra cool to boot it directly on a PC.

I would guess that VMWare would be a great host, or maybe its open source 
equivalents (Plex86 or Bochs) so that you could save the reboot cycles. I 
would also try porting V7 instead of V6, at least initially. With so much 
open source code out there, it'd be a relatively simple task to find C code 
for IDE disc access and such like. I would even suggest getting older Linux 
code from the 2.0.x days as its likely to be a little less complex, while 
still being stable.

Just my 0.02 EURO.


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