[TUHS] Porting Unix v6 to i386

M. Warner Losh imp at village.org
Wed Jan 30 09:10:18 AEST 2002

In message: <02012822034503.20290 at g4klx>
            Jonathan Naylor <jonathan.naylor at ggaweb.ch> writes:
: I would guess that VMWare would be a great host, or maybe its open source 
: equivalents (Plex86 or Bochs) so that you could save the reboot cycles. I 
: would also try porting V7 instead of V6, at least initially. With so much 
: open source code out there, it'd be a relatively simple task to find C code 
: for IDE disc access and such like. I would even suggest getting older Linux 
: code from the 2.0.x days as its likely to be a little less complex, while 
: still being stable.

There is a stripped down Linux port called Elks to the x86 right now.
It seems to work OK for these old 8088 machines (and newer ones in the
psion).  But I'm still none-the-less drawn towards a v7 port :-)...


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