[TUHS] Distributions directory and UCB, and missing ftp site

Steven M. Schultz sms at 2BSD.COM
Tue Jul 9 06:53:41 AEST 2002

Hi -

> From: "Gregg C Levine" <drwho8 at worldnet.att.net>
> 2.11BSD"
> "up to the current patch level can be obtained via anonymous ftp to"
> "ftp.iipo.gtegsc.com in the directory /pub/2.11BSD"
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> I have tried connecting to it, and my client tells me it does not exist. But

	Indeed.  That's the trouble/curse of the Internet - it's not possible
	to go around and fix/change all the references to names that change
	as companies get bought/sold

	That was a long long (quad_t? ;)) time ago.   GTE sold their
	Government Systems Corporation ('gsc') to General Dynamics several
	years ago.   After a while GTE of course insisted we stop using
	'gtegsc' - then a little later GTE became Verizon.

	Try "ftp.to.gd-es.com"

	For now.   The idjits in charge are playing
	at reorganizing and I think sometime next year the domain name will
	change yet again - but the hope is that the current name will
	be retained for a while as a compatibility measure.

> Steve, are you continuing the work described in the file? And can you get

	It's been a slow couple years - only a couple updates done last
	year and only one or so this year.    Current patchlevel's at 442
	(done Jan 2002).

	Yes, the archive of updates is maintained.   I think there are a
	couple mirrors but I have no accurate count of who is mirroring
	the directory

	Steven Schultz
	sms at 2bsd.com

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