[pups] reading and writing 2.11BSD disk images

David W Talmage talmage at cmf.nrl.navy.mil
Fri Mar 1 09:06:53 AEST 2002

This must be a FAQ but I couldn't find the answer anywhere.

I have some 2.11BSD disk images that I want to copy large files onto on a 
NetBSD box.  Can someone please point me to a tool that can do it?

These are disk images that I use with p11.  For various reasons, using p11 
simulated tape drive isn't an option.  I use kermit to inject small files into 
the running p11 + 2.11BSD.  It takes many minutes to 300KB.  It takes much, 
much more time to copy 12MB.

David Talmage

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