[pups] PDP 11

Carl Lowenstein cdl at mpl.ucsd.edu
Sat Mar 2 03:28:19 AEST 2002

> From: Nutech <repro at nutechgroup.net>
> To: pups at minnie.tuhs.org
> Subject: [pups] PDP 11
> Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 01:27:40 +0530
> I post this message with hope that someone out there can help me with a
> problem I have at hand.
> My company recently bought a preowned printing machine, which uses a
> PDP11/73 BA23
> connected to a VT240 terminal to control the functions of the machine.
> Needless to say that we are unable to make the PDP run since we have no
> knowledge of the machine and have no one to look upto for guidance..
> While we are able to power on the PDP, the VT240 is dead.

Problems like this are much more easily solved in person than by email
correspondence.  Why not tell everyone where you are physically located,
and perhaps someone nearby can help.

The VT240 could be replaced by any of several terminals, or even by a PC
running a terminal emulation program.

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