[pups] missing space in 2.11_rp_unknown

Christian Groessler cpg at aladdin.de
Sat Mar 2 08:28:19 AEST 2002


On 02/28/2002 08:53:34 AM PST "Steven M. Schultz" wrote:
>> From: Christian Groessler <cpg at aladdin.de>
>> >	Look at the /VERSION file.  The first or second line will have
>> >	the patchlevel.   That file's updated by each patch.
>> I have 400. I assume www.2bsd.com contains the newest patches? So 442
>> is the latest?
>	It _might_ be easier to create an install tape from the files in
>	the 2.11 portion of the PUPS archive - I think that was updated
>	to about patchlevel 432 or so.   There is documentation on how to
>	create a boot tape, etc from the compressed files.

I just last week installed v6 from tape image. I have to admit, I like
working boot images more :-) (Since I only have an emulator and not
the real thing, I don't have the need to physically transfer the

>	On the other hand it might be instructive/interesting/whatever to
>	apply the 42 updates manually - just be sure to read the instructions
>	that come with each one :)

Hmm, I just did this now, but I have to admit, I only browsed the
instructions of most of them. I followed the instructions of 412/413
because I feared I'd forget to update init before rebooting the new
But otherwise I applied all patches to 442, and then rebuilt the
kernel, rebooted, and did "make build; make installsrc". Seemed to

I noticed 2 patches, which patched /usr/src/sys/GENERIC/Makefile, but
this is a generated file I think. At least it wasn't present, because
I removed /usr/src/sys/GENERIC.


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