[pups] pdp 11/44: terminte UNIBUS ?

lothar felten lothar.felten at gmx.net
Fri Mar 22 02:19:55 AEST 2002

Hi there,
The pdp 11/44 is working with a minimal configuration!
Thanks to Bill Gunshannon and Milo Velmimirovic.
The M7090 CIM is now doing RS 232 and gives me output (i get the console
prompt >>>) the backplane only contains memory and the cpu-cards.
The connector M9202 connects the two planes. I tried to boot the RL11 with
one of my RL02's but i didn't work, i guess this is because i don't have a
UNIBUS terminator. is it possible to make one myself ?  i could make a
dual-sided PCB. or is it possible that the backplane itself is terminated
(like small qbus-systems have)?

>> "DRU-11 CA" parallel DMA.
>Looks like it's a parallel interface module. Are there two 40-pin BERG
>headers on the board?
yes there are two 40 pin connectors. so it's a interface, i guess i don't
use this...

i guess i might use the Ethernet cards, the SMD-diskcontroller and the
RL11. does anyone have the pinout of the M7792/M7793 Ethernet-controller ?
i also still have no idea what those cards might be:
> Ramtek 508295/508297 (has a 50 pin connector)
> Eikonix 821-015cs (handwritten: 785-283)(has two 50 pin connectors)

if anyone has a spare unibus-controller for ciphertapes (pertec-interface),
please contact me.

-- regards, lothar.

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