[TUHS] Some tapes

Kevin Schoedel schoedel at kw.igs.net
Fri May 3 13:51:40 AEST 2002

I've just obtained a box of tapes, some of which might be of interest here.

- UNIX/32V V1.0 (w/ typed Bell Labs label): one 2400' 800bpi tape
- Ultrix-32M V1.1 distribution: one 2400' dump tape
- Ultrix-32 & 32M V1.1 Sources: two 2400' 1600bpi tar tapes (2 copies each)
- BSD4.1 distribution: one 2400' 1600bpi tape
- UNIX V5 (handwritten label dated Feb 7 1977): one 2400' tape
- one 400' tape with missing identification label but a typed Bell
  Labs notice
- backup of 2 RKs: V6 UNIX master and V6 UNIX additional source:
  one 400' 800bpi tape
- C Release 29/9/80 (handwritten): one 2400' tape
- several backup tapes from a V7 system
- several other tapes that appear to be other UNIX system backups

I don't have a 9-track drive, so I can't say that these will be readable (or
even that they haven't been bulk-erased), but I do believe that they have at
least been stored well so far. If any of these look like they could contain
things currently missing from the archives, then I do of course want to make
them available to someone who can try to read them.

Kevin Schoedel
schoedel at kw.igs.net

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