[TUHS] Some tapes

Mike Haertel mike at ducky.net
Sat May 4 02:53:45 AEST 2002

>> I'd also like to point out that the 4.1BSD distribution tape would
>> be a nice addition to the TUHS archive.  Right now 4.0, 4.1, and
>> 4.1[abc] distributions are still missing.
>These are available from Kirk McKusick on his 4-CD collection, no?
>It'd be good to have them in w/the other stuff all in one place, but
>it's not like they aren't available...

I have Kirk's 4-CD collection.  Here's what it has for each version
I mentioned:

4.0	binaries + sources (fully unpacked tree of installed system)
	no tape images, however there are already-built standalone
	program binaries in /usr/src/sys/stand, so it might be feasible
	to roll your own.  the hardest part would be creating a
	root dump.

4.1	binaries + sources (fully unpacked tree of installed system)
	no tape images, but similar prebuilt stuff in /usr/src/sys/stand.

4.1a	just some contents from a "Tape #2" - VERY incomplete.
	some games binaries, some games and command sources, and
	some documents.  *no* kernel sources, regular binaries.

4.1b	missing entirely

4.1c.1	just a tree of /usr/src, with a /usr/src/sys tree of unknown origin

4.1c.2	partial tape image: has mkfs program, and what looks like a
	root dump (but not 100% sure).  the rest is untarred, but
	I'm guessing the remaining tape files were just in tar
	format anyway.  prebuilt binaries for standalone programs.
	somewhat bizarrely, the kernel sources are in /a/sys and
	/sys (on the CDROM) is a broken symbolic link.  this is
	obviously a snapshot of a working system rather than a more
	formal distribution.

Anyway, as Warren already explained, the lack of distribution tape images
makes it hard to install these in an emulator if you want to play with them!

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