[pups] 1978 Tynix? (fwd)

Michael Davidson MichaelDavidson at pacbell.net
Fri Nov 8 13:39:49 AEST 2002

Warren Toomey wrote:
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>   Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 04:09:15 -0700
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> I'm working on a detailed timeline of Linux prehistory, so I'm also
> following your Xenix explorations.  I'd really like to know who did the
> first x86 Xenix, HCR or MS?
>         [ I thought it was HCR too, but I could be wrong - Warren ]

I'm almost certain it was MS who did the first x86 version of XENIX.

HCR did do some work with PDP-11 XENIX - notably Mike Tilson's RT-11
emulator, and I know there was some tie-in with Microsoft in the early
days but I'm not sure exactly what it was.

If HCR had been involved in the early XENIX x86 work I find it
incredible that nobody (including Tilson) ever mentioned it to
me when we (I was with SCO at the time) bought HCR back in the
early 90's.

If I can find Tilson I'll ask him if he remembers any of this.

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