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Fri Nov 8 14:09:36 AEST 2002

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I'm not a PUPS subscriber, but I've been browsing the archives and I
wonder if you know anything about this?

In an old Byte (Jan 1981, p200) Sol Libes wrote:

>    "UNIX-Like Operating Systems Increasing In Popularity:
>    Several software suppliers are now offering UNIX-like
>    operating systems that may rival CP/M.  The first
>    UNIX-like software package, called TYNIX, was released
>    for LSI-11 and Heath H-11 systems in 1978 by the
>    Boston Children's Museum..."

My guess is that this was Heinz Lycklama's unreleasable LSI-Unix (LSX),
and I've written him to enquire, but haven't heard back yet.

	[ you're probably right, but I'd assume that it was a
	  binary-only release - Warren ]

I'm working on a detailed timeline of Linux prehistory, so I'm also
following your Xenix explorations.  I'd really like to know who did the
first x86 Xenix, HCR or MS?

	[ I thought it was HCR too, but I could be wrong - Warren ]

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