[pups] 2.9BSD and Simh

helbig at informatik.ba-stuttgart.de helbig at informatik.ba-stuttgart.de
Sat Nov 9 20:45:33 AEST 2002

Hi Mitch,

you'll find the program enblock.c at
that I wrote to prepare the v6 distribution tape for SIMH.

With v7, you need to apply different block sizes like (f0, f1, ... f6 from Keith Bostic):
	enblock <f0 >dist.tap
	enblock <f1 >>dist.tap
	enblock <f4 >>dist.tap
	enblock 10240 <f5 >>dist.tap
	enblock 10240 <f6 >>dist.tap
	enblock </dev/null >>dist.tap

Enblock puts an EOF tapemark at the end. The last invocation puts an EOT mark.

Have fun,


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