[pups] 2.11BSD networking on simh

Andru Luvisi luvisi at andru.sonoma.edu
Fri Nov 29 11:22:09 AEST 2002

On Wed, 27 Nov 2002, Steven M. Schultz wrote:
> Hi -
> > From: Andru Luvisi <luvisi at andru.sonoma.edu>
> > I have gotten 2.11 installed on simh, I have it recognizing the simulated
> > ethernet card, and everything appears correct except the packets just
> > aren't getting in and out.  The simh documentation says that the DELQA
> > card is better than the DEQNA, but I was unable to get the DELQA (qt)
> > driver to recognize the card.  When I compiled the kernel to use the DEQNA
> 	There are TWO variants of the DELQA as I recall.   One was referred
> 	to as the "turbo" verion (I think it was called the DELQA-YM) and
> 	the if_qt driver was developed and tested specifically for, and only
> 	for, that variant.   The normal DELQA and DEQNA should use the if_qe
> 	driver.

The qe driver does appear to recognize the DELQA.  Same results as with
the DEQNA.  It sees it, recognizes the ethernet address I configured it
with, and the network configuration all seems to work, but once it's all
up I can't get anywhere.

> > I have configured 2.11BSD with:
> >   A valid IP address on the network the host is on.
> >   The same netmask, broadcast, and gateway as the host.
> > I am running the emulator as root.
> >
> > The docs say you won't be able to talk between the host and the emulated
> 	Hmmm, that seems strange.   Using P11 I talk between the host (the
> 	machine running the emulator program) and the "PDP11" all the time.
> 	Ah, it has to do with ARP handling I suspect.  I know that with P11
> 	it's IP only and thus ARP packets do not traverse the emulated ethernet
> 	card.   If that is the case with simh as well then on the PDP11 side
> 	you might have to do what I did and install arp entries for everything
> 	on the local lan with which the PDP11 is going to communicate.   That
> 	way the 11 already knows the 'mac' address and does not need ARP (which
> 	doesn't work thru the emulated ethernet) at all.

I couldn't say.  I just tried setting the arp information for the gateway
in 2.11BSD, but to no avail.

> > machine, so my test for each configuration has been pinging the gateway,
> > which I know responds to pings since I can ping it from the host.
> 	Ah, but on the host did you publish an ARP entry so that the host
> 	will arp for the PDP11?   I think that is required.

I just tried it, also to no avail.

> 	I would tinker around with installing published/proxy arp entries and
> 	seeing what happens.

tcpdump isn't showing me any packets coming from or to the IP or ethernet
address of the emulated PDP-11.

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