[TUHS] license

Marco Robado mar.roba at videotron.ca
Mon Nov 4 15:02:40 AEST 2002

Hi, I am curently writing an article about the history of open source. I 
know all you can find on the Internet about the history of  unix and BSD 
and the conflict between these two when BSD decided to opensource. But I 
could never find a copy of both licenses in the early days. I would like 
to give examples of a license on which the source of a software was 
delivered in the 70's. I browsed thru the sources of  unix v5 and the 
only copyright I found was in the code of the c compiler and it just 
stated that it was copyrighted by Bell labs in 1972. I would think that 
there was some kind of hard copy copyright that came with the tape on 
wich the sources were originaly delivered. For BSD I  found in the 
source of 2.11BSD a reference to "The Berkeley software license 
Agreement" but I don't have a copy of that document. I would appreciate 
if someone would communicate with me by e-mail or thru this list to give 
me some info about all that.


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