[TUHS] Re: Making boot disks

Warren Toomey wkt at minnie.tuhs.org
Tue Oct 1 07:37:35 AEST 2002

In article by Ian Molton:
> Hi.
> Dunno if you can help me ont this...
> I have an unusual UNIX derived OS called RISCiX, but I cant install it
> because I have no bootdisks.
> I /do/ have scripts to make them, and the kernel + OS files, though.
> I think the filesystem was UFS.
> I can use my Linux box to create a filesystem, but I dont have a copy of
> the right utility (newfs?).
> Can you point me to source?

I'll pass this to the mailing list to see if others can help you.
I'd say that Linux is unlikely to construct the correct filesystem type.
There are severl UFS variants, and you'd need to know the exact layout
details to be sure that Linux (or something else) could create the
boot disks.


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