[TUHS] Can someone advise me regarding a gui for UNIX

M. Warner Losh imp at bsdimp.com
Thu Oct 10 16:54:39 AEST 2002

In message: <20021010062505.GL87617 at wantadilla.lemis.com>
            "Greg 'groggy' Lehey" <grog at lemis.com> writes:
: > Or operating systems whose ancestry was indeed UNIX? I know that
: > with Linux, for example started carrying one, about the same time
: > the kernel became capable of supporting it. Or at least that's my
: > opinion. With regard to the materials we discuss here, well, that's
: > what I am attempting to ascertain.
: If by "GUI" you mean a windowing system, and by "standard" you mean
: generally available, then I'd say the late 80s.  I started using X11R3
: on Interactive UNIX/386 in early 1990.  I'm sure I didn't count as an
: "early adopter".

I was using X10R4 on a Sun3/50 in 1987 or so.  I more commonly used
sunview in a similar time frame.  Sunview/OpenWindows has been
standard on Sun machines since that time.  It was surprising snappy
for a 50MHz 68k machine, so long as you didn't swap, but I digress.
There were similar offerings from DEC and I think HP in approximately
the same time frame.

It depends on what you mean by GUI I guess :-)


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