[pups] BSD 2.11 on an 11/73 + RD54

Tobias Russell toby at taer.com
Mon Sep 9 00:24:07 AEST 2002


I've managed to get a BSD 2.11 root filesystem onto my 11/73 via VTserver
and I am preparing to use vtc to transfer the /usr components.

Currently when I boot, I start off with my terminal set to 19,200 baud
8-N-1 but once BSD has booted I have to switch to 19,200 7-E-1

Can anyone tell me why this is happening and how I fix it so the setting
remains on 8-N-1? (stty?)

Also, if I can't fix this, will vtserver/vtc run on 7-E-1 comms?


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