[TUHS] Re: TUHS digest, Vol 1 #145 - 2 msgs

Tim Bradshaw tfb at cley.com
Fri Apr 18 11:10:33 AEST 2003

* Larry McVoy wrote:
> Right.  Joy left Berkeley and joined Sun and the work got done at Sun.
> I'm pretty sure that SunOS 4.0 was the first release with mmap working
> as it was described.  

yes, i think so.  I think 3.x had a special-purpose thing which would
only map devices (and maybe only framebuffers...)

> I was at Sun for the 4.1 release; 4.0 was the new 
> VM system, and it wasn't "new" like "we changed some stuff", it was new
> as in everything was rewritten.  

Or alternatively "new" as in "didn't work very well yet".  I remember
there were things you could do (and do quite easily) in 4.0.1 and
4.0.3 which left the system in a state where it thought it had several
K of memory for paging (and a lot of unused file buffers).


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