[TUHS] 2.11BSD license question: porting software to NetBSD

Igor Sobrado sobrado at string1.ciencias.uniovi.es
Sat Apr 19 02:56:16 AEST 2003


I have just finished porting diction(1) and style(1) from 2.11BSD
to the NetBSD operating system.  Those utilities are a part of the
AT&T Documenter's Workbench (DWB), and are not available on the v7
and 32V UNIX releases.

I asked to the people of the NetBSD Foundation about the possibility
of adding those commands to the base system (as a part of the tarball
with documentation tools) but they think that it is not possible,
as a consequence of a licensing issue.  I supposed that all the
software provided in the 2.11BSD was under a BSD license, but it
looks like 2.11BSD is a closed source release.

Can someone, please, helping me on this matter?  What should I do?
Should I just drop this software?


Igor Sobrado, UK34436 - sobrado at acm.org

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