[pups] Mini UNIX (V6) and V7 tapes found

Fred N. van Kempen Fred.van.Kempen at microwalt.nl
Tue Dec 2 13:01:25 AEST 2003


I wrote:

> Looks liek I ran into a bunchof really old and useful tapes
> here.  Two tapes come from Bell Labs, and seem to contain the
> official Mini UNIX (Sixth Edition) and the official UNIX,
> Seventh Edition.

Hmm.  Well, the V7 tape is saved... took a bunch of retries, but
I managed to grab all of it.

The V6 (Mini-UNIX) tape was OK, but some !$%(!@#$%@# must have run
out of blank tapes, and decided to use this one.. it contains binary
data.  Major bummer, sorry :(

Still working on the 2.8BSD tape, which needs more work.  I also
have to work on Christian Corti's tapes.. now that I have a working
800bpi SCSI drive, I actually *can* :)  [thanks Walter!]

Images will be sent off to the PUPS archive.


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