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Wesley Parish wes.parish at paradise.net.nz
Tue Dec 2 17:51:01 AEST 2003

First, an explanation - I'm interested in exhuming the Trix kernel - written 
at MIT -, which for a while was to have been the GNU kernel, according to RMS 
and the official FSF histories: 
I've been in contact with RMS - pestering the poor hacker ;) - and he's told 
me he's got a tape that might have the Trix source on it, but he doesn't have 
a tape drive or enough time.  I'm in NZ, which is a bit of a long way away 
from Mass., so I'm asking if anyone else in the vicinity is interested in 
seeing one of the earlier 7th Ed. clones to be written? 
I've got a number of reasons for wanting to read it - among them, the wish to 
compare with Minix 0.0 -, putting the ubiquity of Unix during the early 80s 
into perspective, and of course getting something to generalize any code I 
write for 32VI. 
So, if anyone's interested and in the vicinity, just get in touch with RMS and 
let him know you're interested and have the time. 
Wesley Parish 
P.S.  It's interesting to consider what might've been if the GNU project 
hadn't got behind on the Hurd, and got up-to-speed with Trix.  Jokes like "Who 
says you can't teach an old dog GNU TRIX?" spring immediately to mind ... 
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In this context it means, getting someone in the appropriate community who's 
 interested, around to check up on the tape. 
Ok. I have the tape here. 
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