[TUHS] 32I: spl*() and paging up

Masoud A. Sharbiani masouds at stormbird.org
Tue Dec 2 04:51:02 AEST 2003

Sorry if this has been asked before, is there any source repository/tarball for your work so far available?

On Sat, Nov 29, 2003 at 11:12:27PM -0500, Pat Villani wrote:
> A quick update.
> I have spl*() code as well as ia32 paging up in a small test kernel. 
> More testing remains to be done before integrating into 32I kernel. 
> Interrupt structure working well, as well as system call interface.
> Still need copyin(), copyout(), fubyte(), fuibyte(), fuword(), etc., as 
> well as save(), resume(), etc.
> Future progress will slow down a little.  I have accepted an adjunct 
> teaching position, and will need to devote some otherwise free time to 
> preparing lessons.  I still expect to have a preliminary running kernel 
> by New Years.
> Pat
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