[pups] Bootable media for 2.11BSD

Chuck Dickman chd_1 at nktelco.net
Sat Feb 8 00:57:45 AEST 2003

> On Fri, Feb 07, 2003 at 09:11:50AM -0500, Chuck Dickman wrote:
>> Except I don't think the standalone system supports TMSCP and I think
>> that a TK50 is TMSCP.

I am wrong. :-( It _is_ supported. :-)

>   The TK50 is definately TMSCP.  You sure that the standalone system
> can't handle it (my machine is at home and turned off right now, so I
> can't check anything)?  If so then that's a major PITA and I guess some
> hacking is in order.

Thats what I get for not looking at the sources. From mtboot.s:

 * Primary tape boot program to load and execute secondary boot.

 * This is a universal tape boot which can handle HT, TM, TS and TMSCP
 * tapes.  This boot is FULL.  Some of the more extended error
 * checking had to be left out to get all the drivers to fit.

> David Evans          (NeXTMail/MIME OK)


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