[pups] Success!

Steven M. Schultz sms at 2BSD.COM
Wed Feb 26 04:07:55 AEST 2003

> From: David Evans <dfevans at bbcr.uwaterloo.ca>
> > Now it looks like all I have left to do is install 400 odd patches.

>   If somebody goes through this pain, any chance of making a new source kit?

	Most of the kits I've seen out there are around #430 or so - that
	only leaves a dozen or so patches that need to be applied.

> Though I guess some of the patches are not necessarily desirable in all
> circumstances...

	By and large they are not only desirable but necessary/mandatory.  There
	are very few 'frivolous' ("gee, this looks like fun") patches in the
	batch.   Trying to "pick and choose" which parts of which patches to
	apply might be doable in the short term but there _will_ come the
	day when a bug is encountered or a feature desired that was fixed or
	added as one of the parts/patches that was left out.   Best to get
	the pain over _once_ and be done with it ;)

	Steven Schultz

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