[pups] Success!

Steven M. Schultz sms at 2BSD.COM
Wed Feb 26 04:02:24 AEST 2003

> From: Christopher McNabb <cmcnabb at vt.edu>
> $ dmesg
> Feb 25 12:02
> ...
> <5>ra0: Ver 2 mod 3
> ra0: RD54  size=311200
> attaching qe0 csr 174440
> qe0: DEC DEQNA addr 08:00:2b:07:b7:53
> attaching lo0
> phys mem  = 2097152
> avail mem = 1727488
> user mem  = 307200


> Now it looks like all I have left to do is install 400 odd patches.

	Actually you only need to install the ones _after_ the one listed
	in /VERSION.    Look at the first line of /VERSION, it should look
	something like this:

		Current Patch Level: 444

	then all you need are the ones between your current version and 444
	(which is the latest).

	Be sure you have the complete system (all the sources, and include
	files, etc) installed and read/follow the directions (which are
	quite extensive) included with each patch.   SOME patches can be
	"batched" (if a couple patches in sequence are updating the kernel
	then you don't need to rebuild the kernel after each patch, etc).

	Good Luck!

	Steven Schultz

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