[TUHS] LoC now involved with saving digital history

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Hello from Gregg C Levine
Same here. But as an American I am fully aware of the differences on
all three levels. State, Federal, and City. And why they do, or don't
work. I did succeed in figuring out what our friend in Oz was talking
about. And I am pleased that the LoC is getting involved.
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> >Sorry, I wasn't clear.  In America, "Federal" refers to the
> >American federal government.  Here it refers to the Australian
> >federal government.  Thus, the funds that the original poster
> >mentioned would probably not be available.
> Clear enough. As a Canadian I'm certainly aware of the difference
> between federal and regional goverments. AFAIK though Digital was a
> Massachusetts company and thus the LoC has an interest in it's
> activities - along with the rest of the American computer industry.
> It's only logical that they'd have an interest in TUHS archives. It
> would be a shame to see TUHS loose out because of a silly turf war.
> Regardless of where the archive site hardware is located, the
> information in TUHS archives is clearly American. If you are
> interested in the preservation of Unix heritage I really can't see
> the point of nationalistic hostility, refusing to cooperate, or at
> least of trying. The LoC is certainly one of the best data
> repositories on the planet, and a great way of ensuring that
> knowledge about Unix is available to future generations. In my view
> results will probably depend more upon how things are approached
> rather then what country the server is located in. One thing is
> perfectly clear. Digital heritage has become very important.
> 	bill
> http://www.digitalpreservation.gov/ndiipp/repor/repor_plan.html
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