[pups] The infamous 2.11BSD patch archive

Steven M. Schultz sms at 2BSD.COM
Tue Jan 21 11:17:09 AEST 2003

Hi -

> From: David Evans <dfevans at bbcr.uwaterloo.ca>
>   What's up with the 2.11BSD patch archive?  I assume that the version

	Both it and the mirror are up and running.   There are quite a few
	netblocks that have portscanned/spammed/whatever me here (dialups
	and cablemodems for the most part) and they're listed in the packet
	filters so if you're seeing timeouts, etc connecting that's probably
	the reason.

> in the Unix Archive is the original release and does not have these
> patches applied.  The mirror to which 2bsd.com referrs is gone and I

	Companies play the "musical domain name" everytime they have a
	re-organization (and, sigh, another one is in the works as I type).
	What was listed was probably a name from the last reorganization and
	of course it's very difficult to track down all the places that an
	old name was used.    

	The mirror I maintain at work is:


	(for some time yet it will also respond to 'ftp.to.gd-es.com')

	There may be other sites that also mirror

> don't want to pound on Steve's site if I don't have to.  Any

	Others have done that - usually it's not too bad, especially if I'm
	asleep at the time :)

> suggestions?  Once I get the files I presume I'm just supposed to feed them
> through patch in sequence (with the appropriate options, of course).

	Sequence is important because the patches are diffs against the last
	current version of a file.

	Each patch has rather good (if I do say so myself ;)) instructions and
	explainations of what was changed, how to apply, what to rebuild 
	immediately (and what can be deferred until it is convenient).

	Have Fun!

	Steven Schultz
	sms at 2bsd.com

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