[TUHS] v6on286

SZIGETI Szabolcs szigi at ik.bme.hu
Wed Jul 9 17:00:25 AEST 2003

> Screen goes blank except for a block flashing cursor.  The keyboard
> does not respond - not even the lights - indicating that the machine
> is either in a PM loop or completely hung.
> Has anyone had better luck than me?
> Or have I had better luck than everyone else (author excluded)?


Sorry, I don't have the soruces with me right now, so I can't be exact, but
I'll check next week.

You need to have a root disk (floppy or hdd), with /etc/init and stuff.

do this, first compile unix with the "built in shell". Check te Makefile for
the #define! Also set the root device in the kernel (floppy or hdd).

Make a floppy or hdd (be careful with the sector numbers, mkfs works with
absolute sectors, so it's easy to overwrite another partition) with the dos
based mkfs. Start the kernel with built in shell. It should create /dev/tty
automatically, and then you can populate the rest of the /dev directory.

There is a tool (sorry, I don't remenber the names, but check the source) to
transfer files, via an ather floppy, which is a horrible kludge, first you
write one file on it using one of the utilities, then start the kernel, and
using one of the built in commands you write it into the filesystem. This
has to be done one-by-one.

You can exit the kernel via shift-escape (?), but do a sync before.
Once you have the root floppy, recompile the kernel without the shell.

Now about the bug: I think I broke something in the inode code (I once
wanted to rewrite the code in ansi c, and then lost the original), so
currently, it won't mount the root fs. With plenty of printf's in the kernel
it's possible to debug :-).



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